Scottish Bankruptcy Solutions





A Scottish bankruptcy for Irish people

Thousands of people In Ireland today are in severe financial distress. Mortgages are in arrears and they are unable to service loans, credit cards and other debt. The banks are demanding payment and are becoming more aggressive in their relentless pursuit of those in arrears.

You may be one of these people. Of all the options available to you, the fastest and simplest route back to normality is to file for bankruptcy in Scotland. Bankruptcy allows you to clear all of your debts in 12 months after which you can resume living without the unrelenting pressure and stress of debt. The Scottish system is much simpler than the rest of the UK, you do not have to go to Court and are administered by post and dealt with via email or telephone.

Scottish Bankruptcy was formed by Ciarán Doyle, a qualified accountant with over 20 years experience. In 2013 he took the decision to declare himself bankrupt in Scotland and started this website as a blog to record the experience of an Irish person going through the Scottish bankruptcy. Following the success of this blog he was inundated with requests from Irish people also looking at doing likewise and decided to set up Scottish Bankruptcy to provide a professional service to people on an on-going basis.